Jacqueline Woodcock is the owner of Comfort and Calm. Situated on the Gold Coast, Australia, Jacqueline's studio is all about handmade. The "Three Cs" as Jacqueline would call them- Ceramics, Cushions, Candles are the core of Jacqueline's handmade business.

Hope and feathers Emily Dickerson
Her love for handmade comes alive in form of her linen cushion covers and tea towels that she beautifully hand block prints before stitching.
A Comfort and Calm cushion is usually made from natural linens or organic cottons, but if Jacqueline sees a different type of fabric that has a beautiful design or texture, she can't resist. To make these beautiful products, Jacqueline is sourcing the supplies from France, England and India. Hand printed cushions and tea towels have been printed using teak wood stamps and non- toxic water based inks.
"I mainly concentrate upon tableware that is functional and brings a rustic charm to any gathering" adds Jacquline.
This beautifully made peacock feathers linen cushion cover is something one must have as part of rustic home decor.
Apart from hand block printed tableware and home furnishing items, Jacqueline makes organic candles under the same brand name Comfort and Calm.
Comfort and Calm Herbal Candles
Each Comfort & Calm candle is hand poured in small batches using natural 100% soy wax manufactured from pure soybeans. The wax used in these candles is biodegradable and free from pesticides, herbicides and petroleum and kosher certified and the essential oils are of premium grade, not diluted and are manufactured in Australia.

Comfort and Calm Essential Oil Candles DesiCrafts
Each unique, handmade ceramic candle container is complimented by a natural wooden lid which fits any style of home décor, especially Boho and Scandinavian designs.

You can buy Jacquelin Woodcock's creations online here

Like Comfort and Calm on Facebook and join the conversation with Jacqueline. To learn more about Jacqueline's work, visit Comfort and Calm studio on Gold Coast, Australia.

Image credits:
Comfort and Calm Australia, DesiCrafts India.
September 21, 2017 — DesiCrafts India



cats4breakfast said:

Feathers and cats are my all time fav prints <3
I bought some of these wooden stamps from your website and already made so many pretty things for my kids. You guys are awesome. Keep kicking asses ;)

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